Bigg Boss 16: Cute Moment! Gautam Vig turns teacher for Soundarya Sharma; Says, “Uska bhi ek reason hai…”

Cute Moment! Gautam Vig teaches Soundarya Sharma about why hens are called alarm clock.


Bigg Boss contestants have seen struggles, hardships and many ups and downs in their life and learnt things a very hard way. In the recent Extra Masala snippet of Bigg Boss it is seen that the duo Soundarya and Gautam are spending quality time together on the morning tea.

Gautam turns teacher for Soundarya when she asks the reason why hens are used as alarm clocks. He mentions,”Uska bhi ek reason hai…earlier there were no alarms, toh jiske ghar pe hens hote the, wohi utha the.” He further continues by saying,”Hens ko jab pata chalta hai ki subhe hui hai, woh sabo uthate hai.”Soundarya is impressed by hearing the knowledge from him.

Soundarya then comes to know the reason why Bigg Boss uses hen’s voice when housemates are sleeping. She learns something new and is happy knowing this fact. Fans love their despite a lot of things are said about the duo from their bond is for cameras to they are fake. However, the duo have ignored them all and selected to stay with each other by hoice. Do you like their bond?

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