Bigg Boss 16: Archana Gautam on the mission to ruin Abdu Rozik’s captaincy? Take a look

Archana Gautam is seen ignoring Abdu Rozik rules yet again and it seems like she is on the mission to ruin his captaincy. Take a look at all her antics.


Bigg Boss 16 has corwned it’s new house captain as Abdu Rozik who is also one of the popular and sweetest contestant inside the house. While the singer never got into fights or controversies, in recent episodes, he seems to be losing his cool over Archana Gautam, who keeps on doing things that irritate him again and again, in the recent promo she was seen lieing to Abdu about Bigg Boss revoking his captaincy and now one can see Archana sleeping on her bed past the given hours whilst ignoring Abdu instructions. As per the video circulating Abdu goes on to complain about her to the household members. Hearing this, Shiv goes to her and tells her to listen to the house captain or else he will throw a bucket full of water over her head. However, Archana refuses to hear his ‘Jab soungi tab bhokna yaha pe aake.’ Just then Abdu comes into the room and tells her that she is a ‘Stupid Dog.’
This leads to Abdu getting absolutely furious and telling the household members that he doesn’t want to create drama but she keeps on fighting with him over anything and everything.

With her lies about Nimrit Kaur sleeping and ignoring chores to her directly ignoring the house captain, it seems like Archana is on the mission to make Abdu’s captaincy miserable. What do you think?