Bigg Boss 16: “Apki girlfriend ko usne itne gandi batein boli, phir bhi?” Soundarya Sharma angry on Gautam Vig for supporting Shalin Bhanot

It only proved Bigg Boss right that Gautam wants to get back to Shalin Bhanot for footage.


Soundarya Sharma lashed out on her boyfriend inside Bigg Boss season 16 house, Gautam Singh Vig, for supporting Shalin Bhanot in the nominations’ task. The task was that three out of the nine not-favourite contestants of captain Abdu Rozik had to prove to others that their contribution to the show is worthy for their stay inside the Bigg Boss house for this week too. Then the other six non-favourites had to convince the two out of four favourite contestants in charge, to give them roses to be given to one of their three contestants standing on a balcony, seeking mercy to be saved.

During the round, when Shalin Bhanot was pitted against Archana Gautam and Gori Nagori, Gautam Singh Vig was seen giving a rose flower to his arch rival Shalin Bhanot. This has come after last ‘Wekeend Ka Vaar’ it was revelaed to Soundarya Sharma how Gautam didn’t stand for her when Shalin and Nimrit Ahluwalia were mocking at Soundarya. Soundarya did not take this well and felt humiliated that Shalin addressed her and mocked her in such a negative light. After she had a huge fight over Gautam’s non-reaction with him, Gautam promised that he will support her come what may. Now, seeing Gautam giving flower to Shalin came as an utter shock to Soundarya, who very rightly lashed at Gautam for supporting someone who used such bad words for his girlfriend. Gautam’s justification was that he was playing it fair. Considering Shalin’s contribution, he gave him the flower.

This did not go down well with Soundarya and it only proved Bigg Boss right that Gautam wants to get back to Shalin Bhanot for footage.