Bigg Boss 16: Aneri Desai speaks out in support of Tina Datta after Sreejita De’s accusations towards the actress; says, “She has lost the plot”

Aneri Desai, a friend of Tina Datta, at last spoke up in response to Sreejita De’s allegations against Tina through a series of tweets.

Tina Datta and Sreejita De are well-known for their bitter rivalry. Currently, the two are residing in the Bigg Boss 16 house. Nevertheless, despite sharing a roof, the two have frequently been observed fighting. Sreejita De bitched about Tina in the most recent episode, referring to her as a ‘Sadist.’

Tina, according to Sreejita, gets joy in causing pain to other people. She went on to say that Aneri, Tina’s best friend, once got into a disagreement with the actress, causing Aneri to cry all night long. According to Sreejita, Tina frequently misbehaves with her female pals while acting appropriately with her male friends. Aneri Desai, a friend of Tina Datta, has at last spoken up in response to Sreejita’s charges against her dear friend on her recent Twitter post. She tweeted, “Slow clap for #sreejita – Proves to be a manipulator of facts with load of rubbish. How conveniently a simple complain of food at a hotel has been turned into footage drama. Complete False narrative of my fight with #Tina. No such thing happened!” tagging the channel and the Bigg Boss 16 show. 


Continuing on the other tweet she said, “#SreejitaDe has no other topic to talk about , she is only talking about #TinaDatta because she wants to be seen as currently she is royally ignored by #Tina, and rightly so she should Be! She has crossed limits of being cheap, #Sreejita has lost her plot.”