Bigg Boss 16: “Aapko nikaalne ka reason aap hi de rahe ho;” Salman Khan bashes Sajid Khan and calls him “hypocrite”

Sajid Khan says, “waqt aane pe patte dikhaunga.”


Salman Khan will be seen in tonight’s telecast of Bigg Boss season 16’s fifth week’s second day – Saturday’s ‘Weekend Ka Vaar’ bashing his very close friends, the choreographer/director/producer Farah Khan’s own brother, the #MeToo accused Bollywood director, Sajid Khan.

Salman Khan will be seen asking Sajid a simple question, “Sajid iss ghar ke andar kar kya raha hai (what is Sajid doing in this house)?” To which Sajid Khan promptly responds, “waqt aane pe patte dikhaunga (will reveal my cards when the right time comes).” Salman Khan doesn’t seem to be quite impressed or even close to getting convinced by this vague reply of Sajid and in a single breath replies, “vaqt na yahan par nahin milta (you do not get time in here).” The host of 12 years, Salman Khan further slams the #MeToo accused director by saying, “aapko nikaalne ka reason aap hi de rahe ho; baat samajh mein aa rahi hai yaan nahin (you’re yourself giving us the reason to chuck you out of the show; are you understanding what you’re being told or not)?” Salman chides Sajid to the extent of calling him a “hypocrite”. He further explains his stance by saying, “stand lete ho, phir stand badal dete ho (you take a stand and then change that stand of yours).” Finally the promo shared by Colors Tv on all of its social media handles show Salman show Sajid a mirror when he says, “yeh hain, double standard (these are double standards).”