Bigg Boss 15 Updates: Neha Bhasin and Umar Riaz argue over Rajiv Adatia; The former calls out Umar saying, “Aag laga raha hai”

Neha Bhasin and Umar Riaz argue over Rajiv Adatia as Neha thinks that umar is trying to add fuel to the fire.

In a recent snippet of Bigg Boss 15 live, Umar Riaz and Neha Bhasin can be seen arguing over Rajiv Adatia.
The Snippet begins with Rajiv having a conversation with Umar. In the conversation, he shares that he was upset with Neha for not taking a stand for him earlier on the show.
Overhearing their conversation, Neha made a statement saying, ‘Iss se TRP nahi badhegi.’

Her Statement flustered Umar as he tried to make her understand that instead of making such statements she should have taken a stand for her friend (Rajiv) during the fight. Neha gets angry that Rajiv spoke to Umar behind her back, he explained, “Dost hai woh, 100 log nahi hai, mein ushke sath feelings share ni kar skata?” Escalating things further, Neha blamed Umar and pointed out to Rajiv saying, ‘Aag Laga Raha Hai’
At the end Umar clarifies it to Neha saying, “Agar aag lagana ki baat hai, toh weekend ke vaar par, aapka ‘Ke Rajiv ka zayda mazak Umar he udata hai,’ usse bhi aag lagana kehte hai.”


Umar made the statement after Rajiv’s and his conversation where Rajiv overheard Nishant Bhatt making fun of him.