Bigg Boss 15: Umar Riaz reacts to getting scolded by Salman Khan post-eviction; says that he finds it ecstatic

Umar Riaz reacts to the scolding faced through Salman Khan in the show, post-eviction. Adds that he respects Salman Khan.

In the last Bigg Boss 15 Weekend Ka Vaar episode, Umar Riaz was eliminated from the show by the host Salman Khan. His eviction has been causing quite a stir among netizens and fans the past couple of days. So much so that, Umar Riaz Army made, on Twitter, ‘Public Winner Umar Riaz’ made history. Salman Khan would scold Umar throughout the season anytime he believed he was in the wrong. While some internet users have labeled Salman as a biassed host, Umar disagrees. Umar is pleased with himself for being scolded by Salman Khan. , Umar Riaz recently, talked about the same and added that his father had told him not to forget that Salman Khan had scolded him.
“It’s common knowledge that getting a punch from Mike Tyson or Mohammad Ali is a huge deal, so I never thought it was a bad thing. I’d be ecstatic if he talked to all of us,” Umar remarked. He then, recalled how Salman had previously applauded his performance.
Umar stated that having the opportunity to speak with Salman regularly was a huge plus for him. He said that he was a bit shy initially due to his personality. “I don’t think Indian television has a host like him and I respect Salman Sir from the bottom of my heart,” added Umar Riaz.

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