Bigg Boss 15: Tejasswi Prakash calls Karan Kundrra a ‘Liar’; latter says, “Take your negative sh** outdoors

Karan Kundrra consoles Shamita Shetty, Tejasswi doesn’t like her beau interactions and calls him a ‘liar. Karan Kundrra doesn’t like the accusations.

In the latest Weekend Ka Vaar episode Shamita Shetty following her clash with the Salman Khan, became incredibly emotional and began to cry. Karan Kundrra, seeing her anxiety, sought to calm her down. When Tejasswi Prakash saw this, and things changed for him for the worse.  When Tejasswi entered the restroom, all she saw was Karan trying to calm Shamita down. She turned around and walked out, annoyed to see him there. Karan came up behind her and explained that he had merely gone to the restroom to floss. The former questioned why he needed to floss when he had just done so a few minutes before.
He sat next to her in the living room afterward, but he was interrogated again. Tejasswi questioned Karan about why he left the bathroom behind her. “Don’t do this natak in front of me,” she replied, calling him a “liar.” “When you mistrust people, look at the sh** that you do,” she continued, before telling him to go. Karan stayed silent throughout this time, so Tejasswi approached him again and asked if she might ask him a question. “Please take your negative sh** outdoors,” he responded. “Khatam kar, kya hai ye, oh I’m so this, oh I’m so that.” He then departed and told Nishant Bhat about the entire ordeal.