Bigg Boss 15: Shamita Shetty and Karan Kundrra shocked to here about ‘ShaRan’ shippers; former asks, “What about ShaRan?”

Rjs during the Q&A sessions revealed about Shamita Shetty and Karan Kundrra being shipped together.

Two well-known radio personalities joined the Bigg Boss 15 contestants to question them and extract everything that had gone unsaid. During their Q&A session, they disclosed that Shamita Shetty and Karan Kundrra’s supporters are shipping them on social media with the hashtag #ShaRan.
Shamita was taken aback when she heard this. She swiftly answered, though, by asking the RJs another question. The actress inquired about what happened to her and Raqesh Bapat’s #ShaRa after hearing that the word ‘ShaRan’ was trending outside. “Arey bhaiya, mere ShaRa ka kya hua?” she inquired. The RJs mocked her with a clever response, saying, “Uska toh ‘sharara sharara’ ho raha hai.” While this came as a surprise Rakhi Sawant couldn’t remain calm after hearing it as she leaped up with delight. She got out of her seat and began dancing joyfully.

Karan, on the other hand, surprised  when he learned about this. However, he did chose to answer unenthusiastically. His lover Tejasswi Prakash, on the other hand, was shocked and said, “Oh my God!” Karan ‘ShaRan’ and Shamita.”
Rakhi Sawant has frequently voiced her desire to see Shamita and Karan together. In one of the WKV shows, she also discussed this with Salman Khan, who appeared to be entirely supportive of her.

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