Bigg Boss 15: Salman Khan loses his cool on Shamita Shetty, as she walks off mid-discussion

The host Salman Khan is to school the contestants for constantly canceling the task. During Shamita Shetty’s turn the host lost his cool.

Salman Khan loses his temper on the contestants in a new Bigg Boss 15 Weekend Ka Vaar promo clip. He begins by shaming the candidates for having the Bigg Boss tasks discontinued. Salman says, “Task radd karane mein to aap logo ne Ph.D. kar rakhi hai.” He is seen yelling at Abhijeet Bichukle later when he begins to yawn in front of him. Salman angrily tells him to go to bed instead. Salman Khan is also seen getting enraged by Shamita Shetty’s behavior. He interrogates her about her actions with fellow contestant Rakhi Sawant. Later on, Shamita expressed to Salman about the incident wherein she was made fun of due to her injuries. She told Salman that she didn’t appreciate the incident. On this Shamita Shetty become enraged leading to a massive war of words between the two. Wherein, Salman Khan lost his cool and yelled at her. On Shamita, he goes ‘WTF’ and yells her name, telling her to behave. Shamita is shown crying and walking away from the host in Bigg Boss 15 promo clip.
Some sources even speculate that the argument go intense to the point, that Salman Khan showed Bigg Boss 15’s main door to Shamita and asked her to leave the competition if she was going to misbehave like that. Fans speculate that, this seen might not make it into the finale cut of the upcoming episode.