Bigg Boss 15: Rakhi Sawant’s hubsand Ritesh shares pictures after his frist wife accuses him of not being an NRI

Rakhi Sawant husband Ritesh shares his side of the story and launches an Instagram account posting pics from International trips after first wife acuses him of lying.

Rakhi Sawant’s marriage to Ritesh Singh was called into question after Snigdha Priya of Bihar claimed that the latter was already married to him and that they had a son together, who also accused him of domestic violence and lying about his NRI status.

The Bigg Boss 15 star has recently launched an Instagram account, where he has shared photos from all of his worldwide travels. Ritesh made several statements after his eviction, confirming his side of the story and dismissing Snigdha’s charges. The Software Engineer has now released photos from his different international journeys to back up his claims about his foreign tours, NRI status, and work in Belgium.


Ritesh used his Instagram account to upload photos from his international travels, including Amsterdam, Beijing, the United States, Belgium, and Hong Kong, to prove that he has seen the world.

The photographs are not current, as Ritesh appears to be younger in them.

In a post, the BB15 star explained why he published the photos. “Dear everybody, I am not uploading my photos to claim, I am an NRI,” he explained. Duniya ko jo samjhna hai samjhe….bus mere name se Indian juda chaheye… I’m pleased to call myself an Indian….jai hind, jai bharat!!”