Bigg Boss 15 Promo: Non VIP members rebel against VIP members of the house as former refuse to accomplish house chores

Non-VIP contestants start a rebellion against the VIPs to bring their morale down

Ever since the entry of the wild card inside the BB house as the new VIP members, Bigg Boss 15 has started to spice up.
According to a recent promo, Non-VIP contestants have started to rebel against the VIP member’s authority.
The Non-VIPs especially, Nishant Bhatt is seen refusing to cook for the VIPs leaving Rashmi Desai annoyed.
But the rebels give no heed to anger and continue with their rebellion.
Rashmi Desai irritated with their endless disruption, informs Non-VIPs that the house will have to face punishment from Bigg Boss because of their disruptive behavior.
Retorting back Nishant says, “Hume Chalega, but hum nahi karnge kaam.”
The Non VIP contestants, Tejasswi and Karan Kundrra are also seen stealing food and other stuff from the VIP room.
This rebellion of the Non-VIPs is speculated to be a planned one to bring down the morale of the VIPs.
As in the Promo a sneak peek of Karan Kundrra planning the rebellion with Tejasswi Prakash and Nishant Bhatt. Karan Kundrra is heard saying, “While we as Non-VIP members of the house, we have nothing to lose but VIPs might lose their status and privileges inside the house.”
In the recent episode, a massive argument erupted between Rakhi Sawant and Rajiv Adatia as the former passed a derogatory remark about his cooking.