Bigg Boss 15: Photo of Ritesh with his ex-wife and family goes viral on social media

Businessman Ritesh with ex-wife photo goes viral on social media

Bigg Boss 15 house has a couple that is moved by the audience but there are certain facts that are coming out now. There are photos that are going viral on social media where Ritesh is seen with his ex-wife and his child. The marriage photos and couple photos are also going viral all over social media. Viewers are in shock and feel that was this marriage for the show or a tactic to gain TRP.

The tweets read,”Nakli pati k asli patni… Yeh toh hona hi tha… Nothing is reality. One contestant was aged 49 years…n he mentioned 35… Nothing is real in film world…” The other tweet reads,”#RakhiSawant k pati #Ritesh ki old pictures viral ho rahi hai.. I don’t know but yaar Rakhi bata chuki hai BB14 me ki uska pati shadi shuda hai.. Or vo conversation jim Rakhi or Riteah unk ande k bare me jo keh rahe the.. Confusion hai but pata nahi kya hai. #BiggBoss15.” There are speculations made is the wife in the photos ex-wife or current wife. Many questions are raised and the reality will come in Weekend Ka Vaar it seems. Have a look at the tweets here:


Ritesh Kumar who calls himself a businessman and has entered the show as Rakhi Sawant’s wife is in headlines and many questions have come up which needs answers.