Bigg Boss 15: Nishant Bhat gets into a fun banter with Neha Bhasin; Says,”Yeh Dayan ne muje apne jaal mein phasa liya hai”

Nishant and Neha gets into a fun banter and Neha’s closing statement leave others to imagine the depth of her statement.

Bigg Boss fights or banter always make it to the talks as the show make it to the headlines. In one of the Extra Masala snippets Nishant comes to meet Neha while she is having her lunch and starts a fun banter by saying,” Yeh Dayan ne muje apne jaal mein phasa liya hai.” Neha could not stop herself from smiling hearing this from Nishant. Jay, Nihsnat and Rajiv enter the dome and Neha then gives it back by saying,” Jab tak mein tumnhe pura Anaconda ki tarah daba na lu.”

Nishant then continues by saying that noone can do that to this snake as people don’t know the real personality of this snake. He further adds that this snake has a pure heart and gets lost when the music calls the snake. Neha then questions that does a snake have heart to which Rajiv tells that everybody has a heart. Jay then tells if it has then it will be very small. Neha concludes by saying that,” Kuch logo ka dil dusro ke liye dhakta hai aur kuch logo ka sirf apne liye.” This statement left the boys in imagining the depth of the statement and complimented her for that on the spot line.