Bigg Boss 15: Neha Bhasin imitates Vishwa Sundari; Shamita Shetty says, “Kaisi awaze nikal rahi hai kalmuhi”

In an Extra Masala clip, Neha is seen missing the Vishwa Sundari, while she also tries to imitate her voice.

The current season of Bigg Boss had started off with an unique Jungle theme, and an added character, the beloved ‘Vishwa Sundari.” It was a huge tree that gave orders just like Bigg Boss, but in a sensuous female voice. Lately, the housemates seem to be missing their daily interactions with her!

In an Extra Masala video, aired on Voot, contestants are seen chilling and having conversation in the garden area. Neha ask why has Vishwa Sundari stopped interacting with everyone. She says, “Ye Vishwas Sundari retire hogayi ki hai? Jay baat karvana yaar unse.” To which he replies, “Mera last conversation hua tha unse uske baad in logo ne bhaga diya lagta hai unko!”

Trying to make the conversation funny, Neha starts imitating Vishwa Sundari, and talks in a very sensuous voice. She says, “Jay… Kya tum Bigg Boss ke ghar mein jana chahte ho…” Everyone starts laughing hearing how exactly same she sounds. Taking a dig at her, Shamita states, “Kaisi awaze nikal rahi hai, Kalmuhi!” However, Neha continues to talk in the changed voice, “Agar appko ghar ke andar jana hai toh 8 lakh khone padege. Hahahahaha. (Laughs hysterically)” Everyone starts laughing at how perfectly Neha was imitating Vishwa Sundari!

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