Bigg Boss 15: Meisha Iyer recalls the ‘ugly’ phase of her life

In an Unseen Undekha footage, shown on Voot app, Meisha is seen expressing her emotions as she speaks about her family, work and the difficult phase of her life.

Bigg Boss 15 has turned out to be the most talked-about reality show on Indian television. Within just a span of a month, this season is giving out some real dose of entertainment to its audience. However, we all can agree to the fact that the contestants of BB 15 have left behind all the previous contestants in terms of going extremes; call it their bad temper or showing their emotional sides.

In one such Unseen Undekha clip on the Voot app, viewers can witness Miesha Iyer showcasing her emotional self to Nishant Bhatt. In the short video, she can be seen opening up on her family, work and a few personal struggles that she dealt with.


The video starts with Meisha revealing that she lost her father at a very young age, and later her mother succumbed to cancer, while she was in her teenage years. Nishant can be heard asking, “Then you stayed with your siblings?” to which she quickly replies, “No no, mein 15 saal ki thi tabse kaam karti ayi hu. I was on my own.”

Meisha further shares the tragic chain of deaths that took place in her family, and how she was left all alone. Hearing this, Nishant asks if there were no relatives to look after her, to which Iyer sarcastically replies, “Jab mere pass khane ko paise nai thei na, tab mere pass koi nai tha. Koi aakar khada nai raha mere liye.” Recalling the bad phase of her life, the actress adds how she spent only ₹22 everyday for three months, and stayed in a tiny ‘weird’ room because she wasn’t able to afford the rent of a decent house. Hearing this, Nishant tries to cheer her up saying, “Aaj dekho kaha hai ye ladki!” and extends an high-five towards Meisha. She concludes her journey by showing gratitude, as she says, “Bhagwaan ne agar liya toh samne diya bhi bohot hai!”