Bigg Boss 15: Karan Kundrra shares his experience on having relationships with his fellow contestants

In an Extra Masala clip, Karan Kundrra talks about his equation with contestants in the house.

Bigg Boss is one such relaity shows where people build lifetime relations, be it love, friendship or enmity. In one of the Unseen Dekha snippet Karan Kundrra talks to Nishant Bhat about his equation with people in the house.

Nishant brings the topic of how close Pratik is to him in this house whereas in the outside world he was struggling to make new friends since a while. Nishant and Pratik’s friendship is from Bigg Boss OTT and fans love their bonding as they stand by each other in tough times. On the other hand Karan also agrees and mentions that even he faced the same issues and didn’t had any new friends. The actor also said that he has made friends in this house and in the outside world there are very few people.


Nishant further adds that he has realized that equations change in this house as well as outside this house, however the bond they have currently might change outside this house as well. Karan also highlights the point on how relationships in this house have affected many mentally as well, as he mentions Afsana during the conversation. The actor also shares how Vikas Gupta had told him that he will get to know a lot about himself which he has not discovered. Karan further added that the friendship, fights everything that has happened in this house might not happen in the outside world.