Bigg Boss 15: Devoleena Bhattacharjee’s mother reacts to Abhijeet Bichukale demading a kiss; says, “It’s revolting”

Devoleena Bhattacharjee’s mother is enraged by Abhijeet Bichukale’s behavior towards her daughter.

Salman Khan brought up the topic of Abhijeet Bichukale repeatedly requesting Devoleena for her kiss over the weekend in the Bigg Boss 15 Weekend is Vaar episode. Anima, Devoleena’s mother, is enraged by Abhijeet’s behaviour about her daughter. “It’s revolting!” When I saw the incident, I became enraged. I thought he was treating her like his little sister at first, so he said asked for a kiss once. But then he did it again and again, and he insisted on getting it! When Salman Khan and other participants stated she should have reacted sooner, I believe Devoleena felt he was just joking about and asking for a kiss, so she disregarded him. She did, however, have a severe reaction later. Abhijeet has never been one of my favorites since he first appeared on the show.”

Devoleena’s mother also showed her dissatisfaction with her daughter’s recent confrontation with former BFF Rashami Desai. She claims that she had previously during the Bigg Boss season 13 had warned Devo about Rashami. However, the mother also hints at a possible patch-up between the two in near future.


In the recent updates, Abhijeet Bichukale was seen planning with Rakhi Sawant against Devoleena Bhattacharjee for the next ‘Ticket to Finale’ task.