Bigg Boss 15: Abhijeet Bichukale makes flirtatious remarks for Devoolena Bhattacharjee; Calls her, “Vada Pav ki Mirchi”

Abhijeet Bichukale up to his antics against passed a flirtatious remark at Devoleena Bhattacharjee leaving her uneasy.

Abhijeet Bichukale has made romantic remarks to Devoleena Bhattacharjee on several occasions during Bigg Boss 15 episodes. So much so that in the Weekend Ka Vaar episodes, the host, Salman Khan, chastised him for his misbehavior against Devoleena Bhattacharjee. Abhijeet is back to his usual shenanigans after the requesting for Kiss episode, in which he received a lot of wrath from his housemates and the Bigg Boss public. He was seen making a provocative remark to Devoleena in a recent episode, making her uncomfortable.
He was seen comparing her to Vada pav and making a joke about Emraan Hasami as he walked by ( who we all know is known as the Serial kisser).
When Abhijeet urged Devo to dress up in western attire to act out one of Shahrukh Khan’s romantic songs, the comments began. Devoleeena, on the other hand, politely declined and informed him that he lacked the necessary qualifications.

“To phir Emran Hashami wla karle kya?” he said after that. Abhijeet made another remark to Devo in front of Pratik Sehajpal later in the show. “Theeki mirchi lagti hain yeh vada-pav ki mirchi… Aisa khaunga na,” he continued, making her feel uneasy.
Pratik, sensing her anxiety, approached her and asked her the question, telling her that he would speak to Abhijeet but that she would have to stand by her words. Devoleena agreed, then approached and reprimanded Abhijeet about his flirty statements. But it was in vain.