Bigg Boss 14: Wildcard Naina Singh opens about her personal life with Pavitra Punia

Naina Singh and Pavitra Punia have a candid conversation about her parents and her dogs.


It doesn’t matter how disagreeable you find your squad, you’ll always find outsiders even worse. There’s just something so invasive about a person budging in. And, we’ve seen it happen at Bigg Boss when three brand new contestants entered the house on Sunday. Inmates were clearly not coping with Naina Singh, Shardul Pandit, and Kavita Kaushik, with almost everyone getting into a fight. But Pavitra Punia, in spite of her dispute with Kavita, decided that getting acquainted with her new inmate might just be a good idea.

Keen on knowing about where Naina’s from, she asked, “Kahan se ho, Naina? (Where you from Naina?)” Naina revealed that she hails from Muradabad, with her father from Garhwal District and her mother from Uttar Pradesh. Perplexed about how her parents got together despite coming from distant places, she asked Naina if they had “love marriage.” She laughed at Pavitra’s confusion and clarified that they were set up in an arranged marriage. They got connected as the families were like-minded. “(Hahahah), nai nai… Pehle ke rishtey kahin se bhi dhoond ke laate the, jo mil gayi wahi theek,” she said.

When Pavitra asked her about her time in Bombay, Naina said that she had actually been in Bombay for the past 5 years with her mother staying with her and her father at her brother’s house. She also added that she stays with four of her dogs: Berry, Jordan, Ella, and Lola. Lola, Naina said, just gave birth to three more puppies. So besides being a talented actress and a supermodel, Naina Singh also happens to be a puppy lover.

Naina shared interesting things about her family with Pavitra while she was inside the red zone kitchen. We all know how stressed Pavitra was when she first got in. But from the looks of it, she seems like she’s settling down and getting along with inmates when she isn’t competing in games and tasks.

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