Bigg Boss 14 Weekend Ka Vaar: Salman Khan lashes out at Rahul Vaidya & Aly Goni

In the recent promo, Salman Khan will school Rahul Vaidya and Aly Goni for cornering Rakhi Sawant in the prize money task.


In today’s episode we will get to see host Salman Khan lashing out on Aly Goni and Rahul Vaidya. Th host calls out both of them for cornering Rakhi Sawant during the prize money task. According to the latest episode, Bigg Boss announced a prize money task, wherein the contestants had to sacrifice the given amount either by depositing or shredding it. Rakhi chose the latter and becomes the second contestant to enter the finale week.

Rakhi is seen saying that she hasn’t come here to just sit and wait for Bigg Boss to announce some kind of money and then walk off. She waits and she will definitely win. Salman schools Rahul for forcing Rakhi to think twice on her decision. The host says, “It’s her independent choice, respect it and if you can’t then shut up.”

Further in the promo, Rahul lashes out at Rakhi for playing a victim card and constantly proclaims that she knows she is not going to win the show. Rahul asks, “Itne hafton se to bol rahi hai, mujhe pata hai main to nahi jeetne wali to abhi sir jab bol rahe hai to kyun maan rahi hai unki baat?”

Later, Rakhi asks Rahul why he is shouting at her. Salman intervenes and asks why he is shouting. He also says that with that tone he is giving the message that he has already won the show and that the money was deducted from his prize amount. Rahul declines Salman’s allegations and says that’s not the case. Rakhi turns emotional.

Furthermore, Salman takes a class of Aly Goni for lashing out at Jasmin Bhasin. He says “That girl has left all her reputation just to come and help you in the house. Why are you treating her this and for what reason?” Aly replies, “Sir I don’t like anyone using badmouth against her, that’s why i have to do all this.” Salman says, “That ‘s not how you treat, that’s a rude way, always let her express herself independently. Always listen to her advice only then you will get to know the importance of a woman in your life.”