Bigg Boss 14: Vikas Gupta might get a show-cause notice for defamation by Arshi Khan’s family

Vikas Gupta has spoken at length about how Arshi Khan has been blackmailing him outside. Now, her family is contemplating a defamation notice to the producer.


In this season of Bigg Boss, the audience witnessed Vikas Gupta’s family secrets coming out in the open. The TV producer has alleged on the show that Arshi Khan was in contact with his mother, Sharda Gupta had been blackmailing him over some time now. Vikas who was going through a rough patch in his life had to sell off a flat to pay his loans that came up to Rs 1.8 crore.

Reacting to his claims that Arshi Khan knows family secrets and is blackmailing him, Sharda Gupta told Hindustan Times, she has no idea what Arshi Khan is talking about.

On the other hand, Arshi Khan’s close friend Flynn Remedios told Bollywood Life, “Arshi’s family is upset about these blackmail claims. Yes, they did talk at times but she never blackmailed him. We are planning to send a show-cause notice for defamation to Vikas Gupta and his mother, Sharda. We have consulted Advocate CA Ambani of Goregaon (East) in this matter. They are guiding us in the matter. Arshi Khan’s family is from Bhopal and does not know how to handle such matters.”

On the show, Vikas agreed to be deeply in debt. He also said how his family treated him like a cash cow. Vikas said that his family has assumed that all his property will be theirs because of his sexual orientation. He has also asked her mother to sell off their Dehradun house to meet her medical expenses. Whereas his mother, Sharda Gupta has urged people to vote for Vikas. She said that she wants to come to the show and give him a warm surprise.