Bigg Boss 14: Shehzad Deol slams Eijaz Khan, says ‘agar kabhi saanp aur Eijaz mile, to pehle Eijaz ko maarna’

Shehzad seems to be hurt after Eijaz takes his name for elimination, later the contestant was seen talking about the same to Pavitra.

Betrayal of trust can leave anyone shattered, and seeing Shehzad Deol and Pavitra Punia‘s conversation in the latest episode of Bigg Boss 14, it is clear that Shehzad Deol is feeling somewhat same. The ‘Ace of Space’ contestant was initially seen bonding with actor Eijaz Khan in the house but now he seems to have lost all his faith on Eijaz.

In Monday’s episode, Shehzad and Pavitra were seen sitting in the garden area, having a conversation where the former was seen raising his concerns regarding Eijaz Khan. He showed disapproval over Eijaz’s decision on nominating him for eviction. Shehzad further added that he used to consider Eijaz as his elder brother and also had immense respect for him, but now it looks like his actions have given a reality check to Shehzad!

The contestant, after losing his trust was seen telling Pavitra that, “Agar Kabhi saanp aur Eijaz mil jaaye na toh pehle Eijaz ko maar daalna(if you ever find a snake and Eijaz, kill Eijaz first).” Shehzad further added that he will wait for a chance to teach him a lesson and also mentions that Eijaz can go to any extent to win the show.

Shehzad was amongst the bottom three contestants and was chosen to be evicted by the freshers. To his relief, he was not eliminated but was given a punishment where he’ll have to wear an outfit with ‘gayab’ (invisible) written on it. He will have to perform the house duties however, will not be a part of any of the discussions and decisions till further announcement from Bigg Boss.

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