Bigg Boss 14: Shehzad Deol feels his elimination was uncalled for, says ‘ My audience is more disappointed than me’

Shehzad Deol is the second contestant to be evicted. The actor recently opened up about his experience in the house.

Shehzad Deol is the second contestant to be evicted. The actor, who was accused by the seniors to be keeping quiet since the eviction of Sara Gurpal, has now met the same fate. He recently opened up about his experience in the house, calling it good for him but bad for his fans.

In an interview with Hindustan Times, the Punjabi actor was seen expressing his disappointment. The fact that the audience were not made a part of the decision making process did not go well with him. Sara Gurpal was evicted because of the decision of the seniors and now he got evicted after the housemates voted against him. The actor feels that the result would have been different if votes of the viewers were taken into consideration.

The actor talked about his short journey. He was quoted saying, “It was a good experience but the eviction was shocking, it shouldn’t have happened so soon. You go on a show expecting that there would be audience vote but then you realise that the contestants would get to vote for evictions. A participant has his own plans but things go the other way in such a case. If the audience would have been voting, there was no chance of my eviction. You can even conduct a poll or voting, you will come to know. If it was supposed to be a decision of the housemates, I would have played a different game. I would have also forged friendships and would have been part of groups.”

He further added, “I was counting on the audience, my audience is more disappointed than me about my eviction. I was not even allowed to do a task, I would not have been evicted if I had performed. I wouldn’t have had any regrets if I would have lost the task because my fate would have been in my own hands. You neither let me take control of my fate nor my audience. I am disappointed.”

After the news of his eviction came to light, fans took to Twitter to express their emotions. With such an active fanbase, the actor will surely go a long way.

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