Bigg Boss 14: Shehzad Deol feels BB house has turned into dating reality shows

Bigg Boss 14 evicted contestant Shehzad Deol shared his experience inside the Bigg Boss house in an interview with Hindustan Times

It has just been two weeks, since the 14th season of Bigg Boss premiered but already two contestants have been evicted from the show. The interesting fact is that, both the contestants were exempted from the Bigg Boss house on the basis of their inmates decision. Sara Gurpal, was evicted by the unified decision of seniors. And now, Shehzad too has been exempted on the basis of the votes of his housemates.

In an Interview with Hindustan Times, Shehzad shares his experience of being a part of the show and how he feels after being evicted from the show. He shared that it was not fair on his part to be evicted by the vote of the housemates. He found it unfair and was disappointed with the decision of the makers. However, when he was asked to comment on the concept of the show, he said, ” I don’t know what the makers are planning. The housemates were given the right to decide on evictions. The public is also disappointed that Bigg Boss 14 has become like those dating reality shows where the contestants decide who should leave. There was confusion and I don’t know this will go on for how many more weeks. If the makers plan to discontinue the practice, then why wasn’t it stopped during my time. If contestants are to be evicted on the basis of majority votes, then they would evict Jasmin Bhasin next week through that process. Why will the contestants not like to not evict a strong contender who may have more chances of going ahead on the show?”

Further when he was asked, who should have been evicted in his place, he promptly replied saying,” As far as I have observed, I was a strong personality and had more input in the game. I had my own point of view which wasn’t injected by anyone. I was quite vocal – some liked it and some didn’t. There were some who were blindly following the viewpoint of a group – they should have gone before me.” He further added, ” Jaan Kumar Sanu. His viewpoint easily gets influenced by someone else. He is good at heart but he is not fit for the show. He doesn’t have his own viewpoint. Even when he tries to put forward his point of view, there the issue seems to be of little relevance.”

According to him, Jaan Kumar Sanu does not have a ‘viewpoint’ of his own, as he gets influenced by others . The housemates too believe that Nikki Tamboli has ‘brainwashed’ Jaan Kumar. It would be intriguing to see, how far he goes under the influence of people or would he develop his own viewpoint over time?

Later, when our Punjabi Munda was asked if he feels that some participants are crossing limits but are not being punished, but instead they are being promoted on the show? He sportingly replied, ” I have seen Bigg Boss earlier, abusing is not allowed on the show. Even when people do abuse, the swear words are muted. Once or twice is fine but there are some who do it all the time. There are others who go by ethics for the sake of the television audience. Bigg Boss or Salman Khan should take an action against those who abuse. Salman didn’t say anything in the first weekend but he pointed this out in the second weekend. But there was no punishment of any kind and this was passed off casually. Nikki Tamboli swears all the time, she used abusive language for me and Jasmin. There is no discussion about it and she was even promoted in the first week.”

Seems like Shehzad had a bitter-sweet moment inside the house. But whatsoever, we wish Shehzad Good Luck for his future endeavors.

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