Bigg Boss 14: Salman Khan schools Rahul Vaidya over his ‘nepotism’ comment

In the new promo of Bigg Boss 14, Salman Khan talks with Rahul Vaidya about his comment over Jaan Kumar Sanu being in the show because of his father, Kumar Sanu.


Bigg Boss 14 has been the centre of all the buzz ever since it began four weeks ago. However, the Weekend Ka Vaar is highly awaited by the whole fanbase as during the Weekend Ka Vaar, Salman Khan speaks with the participants of the show personally. According to the latest promo of this week’s Weekend Ka Vaar, Salman Khan has finally spoken about nepotism and takes down the accusations put by Rahul Vaidya over Jaan Kumar Sanu where he said that Jaan is in the house because of his father, the famous Bollywood singer Kumar Sanu.

In the promo, Salman Khan has confronted Rahul for the allegations he put on Jaan by asking him a series of questions. Salman asked Jaan if Rahul has any singing background to which Jaan said no. Hearing this, Salman said that Jaan should be higher in the industry than Rahul as Jaan has a very strong singing background. He further asks Rahul that “If in future, his children became singers, will he still call it nepotism?” Salman then went ahead and said, “A shopkeeper will not give his shop to any neighbour. He will give it to his child.”

Earlier this week, Rahul nominated Jaan for eliminations by saying that he hates nepotism. According to Rahul, Jaan does not have an identity of his own and is in the house because of his father, Kumar Sanu, unlike others who have worked hard to get here. Later, this became the reason behind a big commotion between Rahul and Jaan as the episode moved ahead.

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