Bigg Boss 14: Rakhi Sawant gives a relaxing massage to Nikki Tamboli

Rakhi gives a head massage to Nikki and love advice too.


In the Bigg Boss 14 house, the housemates have found one great massager, Rakhi Sawant. She generally helps the other contestants when in pain or in a problem. She is loved for the unique techniques she uses while massaging one.

In the recent Extra Masala clip, Nikki Tamboli complimented Rakhi Sawant’s expertise in massage techniques after being massaged by the latter. While Nikki was enjoying the massage Rakhi did try to give her a little advice.

Nikki felt relaxed and fresh from the massage, so she asked Rakhi where she has learned it. Rakhi replied that she just knows and showed her the different nerves of heart and mind while massaging. Rakhi said Nikki to relax and close her eyes and feel the air as she has to go in the clouds.

Rakhi advised Nikki to see whomever she wanna see and said, “Kisi tisre bande ko galti se nhi mat dekhna, warna triangle of jaega, triangle dekhna h Dekho yaa angle, it’s up to you”. Further, she said that if Nikki wants to see or make a triangle it’s her choice to do anything. Nikki didn’t reply to it and just listened to it patiently.

Afterward, Nikki praised Rakhi for the massage, to which Rakhi said that she can already feel the positive romance which will come into Nikki’s life.

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