Bigg Boss 14: Rahul Vaidya’s rumoured girlfriend Disha Parmar supports his gameplay, says ‘Guts’

Disha Parmar, his rumored girlfriend, cheered Rahul Vaidya’s frankness along with fans. Rahul admitted that they are both tight friends.


When it comes to reality TV, everyone gets suspicious about how much of reality there is. Bigg Boss 14, the most trending shows in reality TV,  has seen exaggerated drama among house inmates. But one contestant who does complete justice, according to fans, to alleged faking in the show, is Rahul Vaidya. The Indian Idol contestant is just getting started with his frank, snarky, and unapologetic remarks. It happens to be quite refreshing for fans. In fact, Rahul shares a similar hatred for faking and not taking games seriously. It was why he nominated Jaan Kumar Sanu for eviction. He hates nepotism. He doesn’t think Jaan earned his place at Bigg Boss and he’s being very frank about it. He also hates how lightly Jaan takes his game. And fans agree, saying that Jaan hasn’t done much on the show. They say that Shehzad Deol was a much more deserving contestant.

While Rahul strides alone in the show, labeled as the most hated contestant by house inmates, fans support Rahul’s honesty and crudeness. Frankly, it’s refreshing it, ain’t it folks? Last night, there was the We Support Rahul Vaidya trend flooding Twitter feeds which supported Rahul’s decision in nominating Jaan. Among fans who support him, is also his rumored girlfriend, Disha Parmar.

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When asked about a rumored relationship with Disha during an interview with SpotBoyE, Rahul denied it saying that they were both only good friends. He also admitted that he wouldn’t be able to date someone while on the show for the fear of coming off as fake. Here’s Rahul Vaidya: “See, I do not think I will fall in love inside the house. I do not see it happening though I am single. Also, to create a successful showmance, you need to really connect with someone. I cannot fake all this,” he said.

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