Bigg Boss 14: Rahul Vaidya calls Nikki Tamboli a ‘gutter’ for stuffing mask in her pants

Nikki Tamboli picked the foul route to win against Rahul Vaidya, taking the competition to a whole new level.

Rahul Vaidya and Nikki Tamboli are particularly competitive contestants when it comes to tasks. But a recent episode at Bigg Boss 14 saw Nikki Tamboli pick the foul route to win against Rahul Vaidya, taking the competition to a whole new level. The two were tasked to obtain an oxygen mask in order to get back in the green zone. But she left Rahul absolutely incapable as she stuffed it in her pants.

The Thippara Meesam actress signaled at a fiercely competitive game as she snatched the mask from the table even before the task began. Rahul attempted talking her out of it by reminding her to play a fair game. Clearly, Nikki wanted to win this round and just brushed past him. Noticing Nikki’s thickheaded state, Rahul went on to snatch the mask. Unlucky for him, she stuffed it in her pants by the time. Rahul regarded her distastefully for the stunt and called her a “gutter”.

Well, Bigg Boss creators happen to pass Nikki’s stunt (what Rahul termed as a foul move) as she won the task and got in the green zone, leaving him sulking in the red zone. However, netizens seem to share Rahul’s views and have taken to their social media accounts to slam her, calling her “cheap” and “disgusting”. Some took it the extra mile and compared her with Om Swami of Bigg Boss 10.

Check out their tweets:

Besides netizens, her fellow red zone inmates lashed out at her and said she should be ashamed of stooping so cheap. But Nikki just barked back saying, “Everything is fair in love and war!” Rahul, on the other hand, just sarcastically congratulated her.

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