Bigg Boss 14: Pavitra Punia has an interesting chat with her newfound friend – a camera

Pavitra Punia is seen vlogging and having an interesting chat with the camera.


Many use vlogging as a form of self-expression. But for Pavitra Punia, vlogging seems just the right way to beat boredom and pass time.

In the latest episode at Bigg Boss, Pavitra Punia seemed to have been chatting with her newfound friend, a camera. Pavitra being her bubbly, enthusiastic-self, decided to have a candid chat with the camera about the most random things. In any case, she seems to think that this conversation could just be really fun. First, Pavitra is seen looking pleadingly at the camera asking it to talk back. Here’s Pavitra asking the camera to talk back: “Do you wanna say something. Like talk. Talk-Talk…no-talk? talk….Talllllk. Why you just glare at me? Kahin pe bhi ghus jaate ho, kya?”

Meanwhile, Eijaz Khan is busy with his chores, packing his bag, minding his own business. But, something about his presence inside the same room ticks Pavitra off. The lady gets frustrated with the lack of privacy. Here’s Pavitra taking it all out on the camera. “Are you looking at me? Or are you flirting? You don’t even give a flying f**k!” It gets her thinking, maybe she’s being harsh. “Say you’ll miss me or not…”

Pavitra Punia, diva at Bigg Boss, has a reputation for the spotlight. And, she hasn’t disappointed with her sassy conversation.

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