Bigg Boss 14: Nikki Tamboli reveals she doesn’t like guys who are LATE on dates

In the recent Extra Masala clip, the finalist discuss who takes most time in getting ready for a date.


In the latest Voot extra masala, all the finalists discuss about who takes most time in getting ready for a date. Rubina Dilaik shares that Abhinav Shukla has this classic style of making her wait. She says that whenever they planned for a date night, she cooks and keeps everything ready meanwhile, Abhinav makes her wait for 2 years in finishing his gym then meeting.

Further Nikki says, “Mein do minute se zyada kisi ke liye wait nahi karti, aaya toh theek hai warna i dont meet him again (I don’t wait for more than 2 mins, if the guys arrives within the time then its fine or else I’ll wake away and won’t meet him again).” Aly too agrees with Nikki and says, “Mera bhi same hai.”

Later, Rahul reveals that he doesn’t make his date wait but definitely makes his friends wait. He says, “Mein apne date ko kabhi nahi wait karwata hu, but apne friends ko zarror late milne jata hu.” Aly laughs on this and says, “Mein toh 8 ka time rahega toh 10 baje poch ta hu.”

Furthermore, while all this was going on Rubina reveals that Sonali has shifted to Mumbai. She taunts Aly by saying, “Arre voh Sonali jii tumhare paas he rahene aayi hai.” Aly says, “Mere paas?” Rubina replies, “Haan matlab Mumbai mai tumare pass wale area mai.”