Bigg Boss 14: Nikki reveals her ideal type, says ‘I want my guy to be tall, dark and handsome’

In the recent Extra Masala clip, Nikki Tamboli describes the man of her dreams and states she want him to be ‘tall, dark and handsome’

Nikki Tamboli spills on her idea of a ‘perfect guy’ for her in the latest Extra Masala Clip. We have seen Rakhi’s advances on Abhinav Shukla but Nikki has a list of qualities that she would love to have in the man of her dreams.

Abhinav asks her not to disturb Rakhi and him as they are on a date. She replies she will because her dating life is not taking off well in the house. “Mera koi nahi hua yaha pe date wate”. Rakhi who was just a while ago flirting with Abhinav suddenly turns matchmaker and suggests him for Nikki. ” He is a good gentleman, but vo mere type ke nahi hain”.

Vikas Gupta is seen spinning a newspaper close to her. Rakhi says that Vikas would make Nikki fall for him just like how he is playing around with newspapers. “Aur main phas jaoongi ithni aasani se?”, asks Nikki to Rakhi. “Yeh phasathi hain”, retorts Vikas. Rakhi adds that she will accept Vikas if he wooes Nikki. “Main insaan dekhkhe phasathi hoon, kisi ko bhi nahi phasathi!”, claps back Nikki. Vikas says that she has a checklist and any guy would have to fit into those specific categories to date her.

Rakhi is seen playing cupid now with Vikas and Nikki. “Handsome dude hain, isme kami kya hain?” asks Rakhi. She reveals that she wants a tall, dark and handsome guy. Rakhi replies that Vikas is both tall and handsome. She is ready to rub kajal all over Vikas if that is how Nikki likes him. “Mujhe ithna koi shauk nahi iske liye kajal lagwa doo!”, cuts in Vikas. Nikki says, “Mujhe chor nahi pasand hain” bringing in the coffee issue back. “Arey jab pehle coffee churatha hain, phir dil churatha hain”, says Rakhi still not letting go of her efforts to bring them closer.”Tu roop ki rani, ye dilon ka Raja hain”, says Rakhi. She seems to be placing the duo in a story of her own, much to the hatred of the two.

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