Bigg Boss 14: Manu Punjabi declares Team Arshi as the winner of task, Kashmera Shah lashes out, ‘Unfair mat ban’

In the upcoming episode, Kashmera Shah and Rubina Dilaik will slam captain Manu Punjabi for being biased

Bigg Boss 14 house is not new to fights and arguments because of tasks. There is always some sort of unexpected twist in the show. The entry of the Challengers was an effort by the makers to add some spice to the show. In the upcoming episode, we see the Challengers and the housemates divide into two teams for the nomination task. During the task, we see the contestants give their everything to save themselves from nomination.

In the promo video, we see captain Manu Punjabi being persuaded by both the teams. Arshi Khan tells him, “Sanchalak saath de sakta hai. Aapko pata hai aapko kiska saath dena hai.” Meanwhile, Rubina predicts that there will be a massive fight during the task. While Rubina tests the captain to see if he will play fair, Manu replies saying that if he was to play fair, he wouldn’t engage in a conversation with her.


Later when the task ends, Manu declares Team Arshi as the winner. This sends Kashmera Shah and Rubina Dilaik into a frenzy as they slam Manu for being unfair. Kashmera screams at Manu saying, “Unfair mat ban. Log dekh rahe hai.Rubina also slams the captain saying, “Manu be fair in every aspect.” She tells him that game is played by following the rules and regulations.

Kashmera and Rubina continue to slam Manu for his biased judgement. It will be interesting to see who will finally win the task and save themselves from nomination.