Bigg Boss 14: Kavita Kaushik wants to leave show, blames it for portraying her in negative light

Kavita Kaushik expresses that host, Salman Khan does not listen and is not interested in talking to her.

As the days are passing, Bigg Boss 14 is getting tougher for the contestants, as it is not easy to survive in the BB house. The game show has already reached half it’s way and in the 40th episode of Bigg Boss 14, things take a nasty turn as Kavita Kaushik gets involved in a much heated argument over cleanliness of the kitchen table, with Eijaz Khan.

Things got so nasty, that Kavita pushed Eijaz Khan during the argument. Aly was then called to the confession room and was asked to decide her fate. After which, he decided to disqualify her from the captaincy task, for being physical and violating the rules of the BB house.


Kavita got so furious, that she even went on to call the BB house as ‘hell house’. Later she shared that she is being targeted on the show and in being shown as a negative person. She even went on to say that she wishes to leave the house as the negativity that she feels inside her is neither good for her, nor for the show.

Kavita further added that, she notices Salman Khan’s expression and his words very closely while he talks to her in ‘Weekend Ka Vaar’ episodes. She says “Main unki ek-ek expression, ek-ek line jo wo bolte hain, mai wo bhanp gayi hu ki main kaisi dikh rahi hu (I have paid attention to all his words and expressions, and understood how am I looking in the show.)” She feels that because of her negative portrayal, even he doesn’t seem interested in talking to her. She says, “He doesn’t listen. He is not interested.”

Before entering the BB house, Kavita had a perception that at least Salman Khan would listen to her and try and understand her. But now, she is disappointed and has completely lost hope in the game show.