Bigg Boss 14: Kavita Kaushik is Rahul Vaidya’s GURU and the latter is her SHISHYA as she teaches him YOGA

Bigg Boss14 house is full of healthy living people, in previous episode where we can see Rubina as a fitness freak or yoga queen. How can Kavita Kaushik left behind in this? In a recent Extra Masala clip Kavita Kaushik teaches some ‘Yoga lesson’s’ to Rahul Vaidya.

The clip starts with Kavita Kaushik teaching Rahul Vaidya some yoga to churn all the negativity around the house and into something positivity and make his art more stronger.


We hear some wise words from Kavita and we can all agree to that. While teaching him Yoga she tells him that “someone else’s bad words for you isn’t your truth”, so you should take that all out and her yoga technique will help with that.

Breadth retention is what she say’s it’s called, it wakes up the lost energy inside you. We all should try that some yoga after this and clean the negativity around us!