Bigg Boss 14: Kavita Kaushik enters BB house again after answering the celebrity panel’s questions

Salman Khan, told Kavita that she still has a shot at entering the house if she impresses the celebrity panel consisting of Vindu Dara Singh, Aarti Singh, and Kamya Punjabi, and Surbhi Chandna.

Recently, Bigg Boss creators released a promo hinting at Kavita Kaushik‘s return to the house. The host, Salman Khan, told Kavita that she still has a shot at entering the house if she impresses the celebrity panel consisting of Vindu Dara Singh, ex-contestant season 3, Aarti Singh, ex-contestant season 13, Kamya Punjabi, ex-contestant season 7, and Surbhi Chandna, a television actress. Though the promo didn’t reveal the panel’s decision, a SpotboyE report confirmed that the actress has already entered the house.

First, Aarti Singh said that Kavita possessed discipline, control, and order when she first entered the show. However, after the fight with Eijaz Khan, she created a huge mess in the house. Arti asks her what changed her thought process from the moment she entered right to the moment she left. Kavita said that it was always her intention to maintain discipline in the house and make sure that the rules and regulations were followed. She never meant to come across as noisy or loud.


The next question came from Surbhi Chandna who asked her about the reason behind the disrespect seen in the show. Kavita is a prominent figure in the Television industry. However, Surbhi feels that she didn’t receive the respect that someone of her stature deserved since she got eliminated within a week. Well, Kavita says that as a contestant she intended to act rationally and not emotionally. It’s something she, unfortunately, has failed at. The audience might have not liked her outburst and hence voted for her eviction. However, Salman Khan interjected saying that one cannot play with their mind without meddling with their emotions.

Vindu Dara Singh, a champion at Bigg Boss, said that Kavita received a particularly emotional and happy welcome from Eijaz when she entered the show. But later things went haywire and chaotic. He asked her about the kind of reception she is expecting and what she thinks will be different. Kavita said that her motives behind the second entry are to mend relationships with everyone. For Eijaz, specifically, she is hoping to start a friendship since she doesn’t know him personally.

The last panelist, Kamya Punjabi, asked her for the reason behind the fight Eijaz and Kavita had. She also wanted to know who Kavita held responsible for her ruined image amongst followers of the show. Kavita thinks it was not Eijaz but her own self who is responsible for the ruined image. After every contestant in the house crossed her face out during the captaincy task, she felt emotional and lashed it out at Eijaz through anger – her biggest weakness. Kavita says that in her anger, she must have said some awful things. She could only see red and was incapable of framing her sentences properly.

After answering all of the questions, Salman Khan ended the round by asking the panel one last question. Should Kavita be sent to the Bigg Boss house or her own? Even though their answers are not disclosed, sources have confirmed Kavita’s entry in the show.