Bigg Boss 14: Kamya Punjabi calls Eijaz Khan ‘arrogant’ and ‘over confident,’ media call his relationship with Pavitra Punia ‘fake’

Media calls Eijaz Khan and Pavitra Punia’s relation as ‘fake.’ Anchor Kamya Panjabi tags Eijaz Khan ‘arrogant’ and ‘over-confident.’


In Saturday’s episode of Bigg Boss 14 Weekend Ka Vaar, host Salman Khan did not turn up. But, the contestants got grilled nevertheless. Bigg Boss allowed some reporters to enter the house who questioned the contestants over their behaviour and game-plan on the show. Former Bigg Boss contestant and an ardent fan of the show, Kamya Panjabi, anchored the discussion.

The interplays were engaging and raised questions to the contestants on their motives behind their actions in the show. However, a few responses from the candidates stood out. One of these was the exchange between Rubina Dilaik and Abhinav Shukla. They talked about their mutual disagreements and the way forward.

“We had decided that April and November is the end of our probation period. We believed we would watch others fight on this show and realize the futility of our fights. We are different individuals, and there are differences of opinion. Clashes will continue to happen, but we have learned how to move on after the arguments,” Abhinav said. Rubina also added that, “Bigg Boss gave us a string, and a new way of loving each other. Now we can’t even think of separation.” Abhinav jokingly added that the only thing he won’t do with Rubina is cook paranthas. The duo often quarreled with each other while preparing breakfast.

Another interesting bit was when Eijaz Khan interacted with the media, via video call. He said, “My words were twisted, and I never said Rubina was advised by this show’s creatives. I just said creatives have given her a character, and she is simply playing that character”. Eijaz also had a fight with the media and Kamya told him that he sounds “over-confident and arrogant”. Quizzed about the authenticity of his feelings for Pavitra Punia, Eijaz admitted that he was with her. Pavitra also made a quick appearance on the screen.

Rakhi Sawant also discussed her marriage and her secret husband Ritesh. “I am married and that is the truth. But I am yet to see Ritesh. I had a problem so I married him to solve it. Ritesh is like Bigg Boss, he is invisible. I had to get married fast. People urgently go for shopping, and break up with their partners and in the same manner, I got married urgently. There is a person who would have taken me out of the country had I not gotten married. If I name that person, he will break all doors and pick me from here. Ritesh is not at fault. I did not meet or see him, just saw his bank balance,” said Rakhi.