Bigg Boss 14: Jasmin Bhasin tells Rahul Vaidya she will forever hate Kavita Kaushik, ‘Main unko hamesha nafrat karungi’

In a recent Extra Masala clip, Rahul Vaidya analyze Jasmin Bhasin’s game plan in the Bigg Boss house.

In Bigg Boss 14, every day is full of surprises, drama, arguments, fights, and emotions. There are rare moments where all the housemates sit together, relax, and talk about various things. In a recent Extra Masala clip, Rahul Vaidya reviews Jasmin Bhasin‘s game strategy in the house.

The clip begins with Jasmin asking Rahul about his opinion on her game plan in the house. Rahul thinks and replies that people poke her easily and get a reaction out of her. Jasmin agrees with him and says when she is irritated she gets poked.


Rahul refers to her spat with Kavita Kaushik. Jasmin feels that Kavita has ‘rubbed her in a wong way’. Rahul says, “Teri personality aisi hi ki tu bey wajah nahi futti kisike upar, mujhe lagta hai tu waha par zaroorat se zyaada futti thi hai.” Jasmin counters him and says that she doesn’t fight unnecessarily. Rahul interjects her and says he has seen her fighting a lot of times and some things can be avoided but she doesn’t.

Jasmin says that Kavita took her concern in the wrong way. She explains that she was genuinely concerned for her because she was feeling lonely and sad. When Kavita fought with Shardul, Jasmin considered her as a friend and supported her. But after the fight broke out last week, Jasmin was so disappointed and was hurt by Kavita’s words. She adds that when is hurt she doesn’t forgive that person forever.

Later, Rahul inquires why she can’t forgive that person and what if vice versa happens. Jasmin replies, “Voh unka personality hai, yeh mera personality, mujhe agar baat bohot buri lagi toh mein unko hamesha naffrat karungi.”