Bigg Boss 14: Jasmin Bhasin, Shardul Pandit, Abhinav Shukla and Naina Singh reminisce their student life

Bigg Boss 14 contestants discuss their student life and studying tactics with each other.

Student life holds a special place in all our hearts and everyone’s student life in unique in its own way. But there are things that are common among students which everyone does, that is sleeping with textbooks in our hand. However, reminiscing one such moment in their lives, Bigg Boss 14 contestants were sharing their student life stories with each other in an Extra Masala snippet of the day.

Abhinav shares that his father used to wake him up from the sleep and hand over a book to him for revising, early in the morning. Similarly, Jasmin adds that she too had to do that same but instead choose to sleep in her bathroom. Just when Jasmin mentioned the word ‘bathroom’, Naina got reminded of her days as a student. She shared that when her mother used to send her to the bathroom to freshen up, she instead choose to sleep, while sitting on the toilet pan and later gave an excuse stating that she fainted in the bathroom.


Just as Shardul heard the word ‘excuse’ he sprung to the spot and gave away his side of the story when he used to make excuses for not going to school. He mentioned that he only used to do that when he didn’t feel like going to school, or appearing for the math test.

Later Jasmin shares that she never studied at home. She would just go through her textbook, right before entering the examination hall and while she was on her way to school, in her school bus. Otherwise, she never studied a word from the book. She adds that she used to be that kind of a student, who finish their paper the earliest among all other students. Naina then reminisces her days when she used to fill up the exam sheets and used to ask for extra sheets. She says, that as a student she used to write songs in between the paragraphs to fill up maximum number of pages, since quantity counts more than quality.

At last, Naina also suggests the young viewers to do so, since she passed all her examinations doing the same and hopes that the young crowd would too.