Bigg Boss 14: Jasmin Bhasin reminisces memories of her closest friends with Shardul Pandit

Jasmin Bhasin happens to be well-fed and pampered by her friends. Shardul Pandit asks her to get friends to make food for him too.

Since Bigg Boss 14 premiered nearly 4 weeks ago, inmates are finally warming up to, what will be, their house for the next 100 days. While the contestants compromise to a new lifestyle of chores and tasks; home, family and friends still seem to gnaw at some of them. In a recent snippet of Bigg Boss Extra Masala, Jasmin Bhasin sat down with two of her inmates, Shardul Pandit and Nishant Singh Malkani, and reminisced memories of her friends and home-made food.

Jasmin surprised Shardul and Nishant by telling them about her friendship with the screenwriter Haarsh Limbachiyaa. He happens to be her closest friend along with his wife, Bharti Singh, who is a charming comedian. Jasmin reminisced the food Bharti made whenever she visited them, telling the guys that she happened to be one of the best cooks she knows. She could eat up to 4 of Bharti’s aloo parathas in one go. It really is that good! She also spoke about her friend Ali who happened to make the absolute best mutton dishes. Looks like Jasmin’s a well-fed person with foodies all around her. She also has a friend named Punit Pathak, whom she calls her “Gyani Baba.” Jasmin shared that Punit gave her some of the best advice and always helped her make tough decisions.

Shardul smiling at Jasmin, asked her to get Bharti to make him aloo parathas as well. Eyeing his own figure, Shardul nodded saying that he definitely needed to eat as many parathas as he could. He’s just too skinny, weak, and quite frankly looks almost malnourished. Well, Jasmin now gushing and blushing happily agreed and said that she’s always been pampered, fed, and loved by her friends and family.

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