Bigg Boss 14: Eijaz Khan’s new strategy ‘won’t take things personally’

In a recent Extra Masala clip, Eijaz Khan shares his new strategy with Arshi Khan.

Eijaz Khan was the first finalist of Bigg Boss 14. Eijaz has almost fought with every contestant on the show till now. In the recent extra masala clip, Eijaz Khan talked about his new strategy, which is to not take anything personally. He wishes to have fun for however long he is in the house.

Arshi Khan asked Eijaz, “Aapki behen toh dekh rahi hongi aapko, maza aa raha hoga”, to which Eijaz replied that he doesn’t know what’s happening and said, “Pata nahi maza aa raha hai Kya aa raha hai”. Eijaz said that he is very emotional and so is his family. “Unko bahut takleef ho rahi hogi mujhe dekh ke”, he added but from now has understood the game and will play it like a game only, won’t take things personally. He said, “Hassi-mazak kar ke khush raho”


However, Eijaz also said that he is emotional hence sometimes can’t take it, he doesn’t understand it and after a certain time, he leaves logic behind everything. He said, “Tumhe lagta tum jo soch rahe ho wahi sahi hai. (what you think is right and apart from it you don’t want to understand anything.)”

Arshi was listening to Eijaz Khan patiently and said that she was thinking about all Eijaz was saying. In the end, Eijaz said that life is all about adapting according to the surroundings and its nature.