Bigg Boss 14: Eijaz Khan mocks Nikki Tamboli and imitates her

In a recent Extra Masala clip, Eijaz Khan imitates his inner Nikki Tamboli.

In a recent Extra Masala clip, Eijaz Khan mocks Nikki Tamboli and does an imitations of her.

The clip begins with Eijaz saying that he is getting bored as he completed his duties. Eijaz challenges Nikki to add how much ever utensils she wants to add and he will wash. Nikki says that she doesn’t like harassing people and says she is a good person. Eijaz funnily taunts her and says she doesn’t harass she is a good person. Nikki smiles and doesn’t let him complete the sentence. Eijaz teases her saying ‘tu bahar mil.’


Later, Nikki says that Pavitra Punia told everyone that outside, Nikki is very sweet. Eijaz question as to why she misses Pavitra so much. Nikki says that Eijaz told her that she is a sweet person. Eijaz says, “Aisi yeh galat femmi hai,” completing his sentence which earlier couldn’t complete.

Eijaz taunts her, “Aisi galat femmi, tu aaj sort kar le, time hain tere paas,” further Eijaz imitates his inner Nikki and says, “Abhi nahi, toh kabhi nahi,” and he claps, and jumps on the sofa.

Nikki says she doesn’t act like that. Eijaz says that she does this at night and then tries to mimics her twice. Nikki doesn’t believe him and confronts about this to Kavita Kaushik. Kavita smiles and says that she was flying in the air. Nikki tells Eijaz to show her again and he does. Kavita and Nikki laughs at Eijaz’s antics.

Nikki still can’t believe it. Eijaz tells her that to watch that episode in a resort when she goes outside. Nikki chuckles and says, “Kisne bola ki mein resort jaaungi.” Eijaz says that Nikki herself gave out the information. Later, Nikki realises as she said will visit Maldvies. Nikki smiles says she doesn’t remember talking much about this. Eijaz says, “Tu apne aap mein hi palti kha rahi hai.”

Further, Nikki plans out her vacation to Maldives and says she will book a nice resort and watch Bigg Boss. Eijaz rolls out of laughter. He adds that “Maldives jaake woods dekhna,” while Nikki says “Vaha jaa kar story post karungi.”

Later, Nikki says she will take her family to Maldives. Eijaz interjects and says, “Unko maaze karne de,” to which Nikki says, “Voh log bhi Bigg Boss dekhenge.” Eijaz laughs and asks her how would they react after watching her on Bigg Boss. He himself enacts and says in Marathi that she has done a wonderful.