Bigg Boss 14: Eijaz Khan knockouts Arshi Khan in a fun banter

In a recent Extra Masala clip, Eijaz Khan and Arshi Khan engage in fun banter.

Eijaz Khan and Arshi Khan have become really good friends and their bond is much stronger. Arshi always teases Eijaz at various events and she loves doing that.

In the recent extra masala clip, Arshi Khan teased the guys as they were working out, Eijaz stopped his workout and hilariously attacked her. Aly Goni and Eijaz Khan were working out together in the living room area when Arshi came in and said, “Mujhe ye sab chizze dekh kar hi darr lagta hai, ye sab, insan ki heart rate badh jaye”.


Further, Arshi shared a story about his parents that her father never liked using perfumes because he believed it was done to attract people. Abhinav Shukla agrees to this and said it’s partially true. While talking to Abhinav, Arshi comments on Eijaz’s workout. And then she continues her story about her mother.

Suddenly Eijaz came over and hilariously attacked Arshi in a fun way, couldn’t stop laughing. She adds, “Eijaz ne mujhe patak patak ke maara hai” to this Eijaz replied, “Workout karne hi nahi deti”.

Aly and Abhinav made fun of the toy she was carrying. Eijaz asked Arshi whether she was crying, Arshi said that why she would cry, everything was all fun.