Bigg Boss 14: Eijaz Khan feels getting trapped by Arshi Khan’s charms

In the recent Extra masala clip, Eijaz Khan talks about Arshi Khan trapping him with her charms

In Bigg Boss 14, six challengers entered the BB house to spice things up and make this season more entertaining. Last week, challenger Rahul Mahajan was evicted from the Bigg Boss 14. Now, there are three of them, still playing in the game. Rakhi Sawant has become the entertainer of Bigg Boss 14.

In the recent Extra masala clip, Eijaz Khan got candid with the housemates as he talked about Arshi Khan trapping him with her charm as soon as she entered the Bigg Boss house. Eijaz told Sonali Phogat, “Aate hi mujhe fassa liya, apko pata hai, mai purane sadashyo me se hu, ye aaye challengers aur bani team”.

He also shared the story of the mirror task with Sonali and how Arshi intentionally made her team lose the game to save Kashmera Shah from the danger zone and got Eijaz nominated and that’s how well she played the game. Arshi and Sonali laughed it off.

Sonali Phogat said that then Arshi is the mastermind of Bigg Boss 14 house. Further, Eijaz continued the story of how they had meetings and discussions over that and he was scared of nomination because on the other side was the challenger who had won their season and had a fan following.

Eijaz told that he did get nominated and said, “Dost ke liye Kiya but agli baar ye wapas nahi chalega mere sath, mai samjh chuka hoon” and asked, “Yahi plan tha naa tumlogo ka, tha ki nahi”. Arshi threatened Eijaz jokingly and said see what happens next, to which Eijaz said that “Mai darr gaya, mere dimag me daal rahi hai ki Mai Rakhi ji se darrta Hu”.

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