Bigg Boss 14: Eijaz Khan calls Kavita Kaushik, Nikki Tamboli’s ‘cheli’

In the recent promo, Eijaz Khan calls Nikki Tamboli ‘ circus joker’ and refers to Kavita Kaushik as Nikki’s cheli.

The new week in Bigg Boss 14 house has started with a high voltage of drama, conflicts, and arguments. In the upcoming episode, Eijaz Khan will complain that Nikki Tamboli is not completing her task of washing the utensils. Because of that, he has to wash them so that he could cook dinner. He adds that everyone together should give her punishment for the same.


Further, Eijaz imitates her and says, ‘Copy karte mereko, mein sabse mahaan hu idhar’. To which Nikki seems irritated and complains, ‘Tumhari badtameezi apne gharpe, yaha nahi chalegi’. She adds, ‘Tumko jo ukhaad na hai ukhaad lo’.
Later in the argument, Eijaz talks to Rahul saying he is tired of tolerating her drama. Irritated Nikki replies that he should keep tolerating her and she adds, ‘Ab kaha gaya tumhara kandha, theek ho
gya, toh ghiso ab’.
Eijaz frustrated at her, refers to her as ‘circus ka joker’ and says, ‘Isko heroine lag rahi hai voh’. Nikki adds saying that he is playing the ‘victim card’. Eijaz replies to her saying, ‘Kisko suna rahi hai, apni cheli ko (refers to Kavita Kaushik)‘. He further adds, ‘Sunna sunna, tere paas yahi bachi hai abhi’.
Eijaz continues the argument and says she used Jaan Kumar Sanu as ‘naukar’ and now is using Kavita. Nikki again calls out him for playing the victim card. Kavita joins the argument and says that he is playing the false victim card. To which Eijaz replies, ‘Tu bhi barbaad hogi, Nikki yaad rakh’. The clip ends with Kavita leaving the argument.
What will happen to Nikki and Eijaz’s friendship, Stay tuned and watch today’s episode.