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Bigg Boss 14: Co-star Rupal Patel supports Devoleena Bhattacharjee for losing her cool

After Devoleena Bhattacharjee lost her cool and broke things inside Bigg Boss house, her co-star Rupal Patel speaks up in her support.

Devoleena Bhattacharjee who is popularly known as television’s Gopi Bahu, is famous in the Indian households for her role in ‘Saath Nibhanna Saathiya’. Currently, she entered the Bigg Boss 14 house as Eijaz Khan’s proxy and was playing really well until she got into a fight with Arshi Khan. She lost her calm and broke things out of anger. Her co-star Rupal Patel has lent her support.

In a talk with Spotboye, Rupal Patel said,  “I saw the promo and in that video Devoleena is clearly saying ‘Isne mere ghar ke liye bola’ and I feel that has made her react like this. When somebody attacks you on a personal level and says things against your family and loved ones it becomes very difficult for anybody to take it. Every person reacts in a certain way. But seeing her reaction I can definitely say she is extremely hurt or else she would have not reacted like this. Devoleena is very close to her family. She has been raised by her mother. Unfortunately, she lost her father at a younger age. So if anybody would say anything to her family directly or indirectly I am sure not just her anybody her place will lose the temper.”

Rupal also added about Devoleena losing her father at a very young age and how her mother took the job. Devoleena came all by herself to Delhi for her studies and also learned dance then did a jewellery designing course before entering the industry. Rupal said that Devoleena has struggled a lot and has seen extremely difficult times. “She is a self-made woman and if somebody after that comes and questions your achievements or passes any derogatory comments. It’s obvious that a person will feel hurt,” she added.

However, Rupal is eager to know the exact reason, why Devoleena behaved like this. She also said, “Kiska bhi itna gussa hone ka matlab nahi hai ki vo insaan bura ya galat hai. Ye bas kisi strong action ka strong reaction hai. So whoever is involved in this by saying anything to her or instigating her all are responsible for it. When people stay together under one roof with different lifestyles and thought processes it’s common to have fights. The thing is one gets to know what triggers the other person. So if they will not say or do things which makes her hurt I am sure Devoleena will also not repeat such behaviour. All the contestants are playing really well and everyone is giving their best. Differences happen and also get resolved with time. So I just pray that whatever has happened gets sorted soon and all the differences gets resolved. My good wishes are with all of them and I also want Devoleena to emerge as a winner.”