Bigg Boss 14: Arshi Khan talks about an incident with her father that hurt her the most

In the recent Extra Masala clip, Arshi Khan shares a story about her father and brothers, and how they were treated in childhood.

In Bigg Boss 14, everybody comes from a different background. While some of them may be from a small city and some from middle-class families or high class. One thing common in them is, they have stories to share.

In the recent Extra Masala clip, when Rahul Vaidya asked Arshi Khan about one incident which has really hurt her in life, she mentioned that it is her father’s partial approach to her as a daughter compared to her brothers.


Rahul Vaidya asked Arshi, “Zindagi me thaes sabse jada kis baat se pahuchi, aur wo real wali thaes thi?” Arshi replied that when her father gave more importance to her four brothers than her, she was hurt. She said that her father gave more importance to his sons than his daughter. After that she decided that she will become self-independent, she said, “apki beti ab Apne pairo pe khadi hogi, sari zameen-zaidad bete me baat do, mujhe Kuch nahi chahiye, Mai jaa rahi Hu Bombay”, these were the exact lines she said before leaving for Mumbai. Arshi told everyone that she was like this only from the start.

Arshi said she is happy that she took a decision in her life. She said, ” aj, mai unn logo se jada aage hu, Allah Ka shukhar hai, ab main khub cheeze bhejti hu apne Abba ko, aur saman deti rehti Hu”. Housemates clapped for Arshi and her bravery.

Further, Rahul said, he was happy that Arshi shared her story. And he wanted the viewers to listen to it, because if there are fathers out there who are doing like this. Arshi said that fathers do love their children but they don’t show when it comes to their daughter.