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Bigg Boss 14: Arshi Khan says she loves Rahul Mahajan and misses him

Arshi Khan says she in love with Rahul Mahajan in recent extra masala clip.

Last week Rahul Mahajan was evicted from the Bigg Boss 14 show. The contestants were shocked to know that he had to leave the house early and Arshi’s eyes got teary. In the recent Extra Masala clip, Arshi Khan talked about her love for Rahul Mahajan but Rakhi Sawant disclosed that he left the show because of her only.

While sitting in the bedroom area, Arshi Khan asked Jasmin not to see there, as it was Rahul Mahajan’s room.
Remembering Rahul, Arshi said, “Rahul Mahajan mai tumko bahut yaad kar rahi hu, tumhari har wo baat meri jehan me daab chuki hai, meri rooh me, meri rooh ko, mere khoon ko ki jarurat hai, Tumne mujhe diya hai, wo ehsaas, wo pyaar” and started laughing after saying those lines.

Rakhi Sawant asked Arshi, “Bahut jyada pyaar le liya tune?” To this Arshi replied that she loves Rahul. She is in love with him and loves him as a friend. She asked Rakhi what was her problem, was it because he didn’t give her much “bhaav” the way he gave it to Arshi.

Irritated Rakhi said that she never wants his “bhaav” and was happy about him leaving the show. She also said, “I don’t miss you Rahul Mahajan, please don’t come again”. Arshi started her drama again and said that her picture with Rahul Mahajan will become viral, and she misses him a lot. Further, Arshi screamed and said “l love you” to Rahul Mahajan a number of times. Rakhi asked “Jane ke baad pyaar aata hai?” To which Arshi replied that she loves Rahul and earlier she used to hang out with him.