Bigg Boss 14: Arshi Khan reveals she used to hang out in Kabristaan, Vikas Gupta gets curious

Arshi Khan talks about an incident when a boy proposed to her during her school days.

Love stories and cute meetings are always interesting to talk about. In this Extra Masala clip, Arshi Khan is talking about the number of love letters she used to get from schoolboys. Aly Goni seems very interested to know all the layers to who Arshi khan is.

Aly Goni asks Arshi that if she did ‘Masti’ in school. To which Arshi replies that she did, but she never got into ‘love affairs’ or anything. Once Arshi got a love letter, and she didn’t quite understand why? She says that she believes in talking one-to-one instead of sending love letters as a form of communication.

Arshi explains that she used to hang out in  ‘kabristaan’, and she used to pluck ‘amrood’ (Guava) from the trees. Eijaz Khan also agrees that hanging out in ‘kabristaan’ is always very calm and serene.

Vikas Gupta gets curious about how Arshi does these stupid things and then levels it with something so different that the stupid stuff doesn’t matter anymore.

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