Bigg Boss 14: SHOCKING: Arshi reveals she dated a guy who WAS OBSESSED WITH HER MOTHER, says he phoned her all the time!

Arshi Khan goes back to the days when she duped a boyfriend for some money.

The part of the Bigg Boss journey where contestants go back to relive and share their experiences in personal life is pretty interesting to watch, feels like we’re all alike. In the latest Extra Masala clip, Arshi Khan is seen reminiscing a funny story.

In the conversation with Arshi Khan. Aly Goni asks her, “Tumhe kabhi aise hua ki bohot pyaar ho gaya, bohot jyada.” To which Arshi says, “Hua tha lekin maza nahi aaya tha fir.” Arshi tells Aly Goni that the guy she dated in the past was crazy and he used to make phone calls to Arshi’s mother all the time and tell her mom to get Arshi married somewhere else. Further, she says that she ruined that guy’s life.

The topic of Arshi’s life piques Vikas Gupta‘s interest. Arshi goes on with the story and explains that she borrowed her brother’s phone once when she went to meet her ex, and that phone cost seven thousand rupees. Arshi and her ex got into a fight and he threw the phone on the floor, breaking it. Arshi Khan told him to compensate for the phone as it wasn’t hers. She tells him that it costs ten thousand, and duped her boyfriend for a sum of three thousand rupees.

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